Outdoor Education

At Robert Rundle, students in grades 4-6 attend many outdoor educational centers throughout the year combining the outdoor experience with many curricular activities.

Grade 4 — Bennett Centre Residency

In this introduction to camps for grade 4 students, social studies and science curricula are emphasized. Held within boundaries at the scenic Bennett Centre in Edmonton's river valley, students enjoy a one-night sleepover with many hands-on activities and games.

Grade 5 — Camp Warwa

Camp Warwa introduces personal challenges on equipment as well as collaborative and team building skills to grade 5 students. It addresses social studies, science, health and physical education curricula. The excursion lasts 3 days and 2 nights.

Grade 6 — Camp YoWoChAs Leadership Retreat

We bring grade 6 students together in September in an outdoor education environment. Activities are based on problem solving and require students to work as a team. Equipment includes low ropes, archery, initiatives course, high ropes and a swing by choice. This camp sets up our grade 6 students to have a positive and rewarding year as our school leaders.

Grade 6 — Pioneer Ranch

Pioneer Ranch is an outdoor education camp in the winter that features horses and horse care. A large stable set in Sundre, Alberta, is the backdrop to this camp. Activities include snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and initiative course work and of course hayrides, and horseback riding. This camp ranks as the most memorable experience from their grade six year at Robert Rundle.