Extracurricular Activities

Robert Rundle Elementary offers a variety of Extracurricular activities in the areas of Sports, Fine Arts and Leadership growth.



Basketball practices run from January and February with tournaments, starting in early March. Grade six students look forward to challenging their skills among the best basketball players in grade six around the city.

Cross Country Running

Cross Country Running starts in September and continues through October. The students are challenged to develop endurance and strengthening activities.


Students are encouraged to participate at their grade level during recesses in the colder months. A schedule is created to allow each grade an opportunity to play together in the gymnasium. Please check the posted calendar for each grade's days. Activities will vary at each grade level and will emphasize fun, participation and cooperation.

Initiatives Club

Grade 4 and 5 students will have the opportunity to participate in an outdoor pursuit activity that will be off campus. Some of the activities include swimming, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and canoeing. All activities will promote the students mind, body, and spirit.

Ski Club

Students in grades 4-6 get an opportunity to ski at Rabbit Hill. We have four planned trips out to the site. This a pay-per-use program.

Track & Field

All students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 participate in the Robert Rundle Track and Field Meet. The meet is typically in June, and parents are invited to watch or help out with the various events. Students in grade 4, 5 and 6 who finish in the top two positions in each event have the opportunity to go to the District Track Meet at Fowler Track later in June.


Practices throughout late October and November lead to Grade 6 volleyball tournaments in December with a number of other elementary schools. Robert Rundle ranks in the top three teams within St Albert.

Fine Arts


Ceramics Club meets in April to paint and fire ceramic creations – just in time for Mother's Day and Father's Day!


Students in grades one through six have the opportunity to join the Division I or II choir. Rehearsals are at recess time.

Leadership & Lifeskills


Students in grades 5 and 6 have the opportunity to learn about computers, robotics, and coding. They also support staff and students by troubleshooting tech issues in the classroom!

Environmental Club

Students take an active role in maintaining the environment. Students are given an opportunity to participate first hand in the three R's.


Grade 6 students have the opportunity to help keep their fellow students safe when crossing the streets. All students in the patrols are trained by the Alberta Motor Association. The Patrols are active every morning and after school.

Student Council

Every month grade 5 and 6 students work on a variety of leadership activities. These activities may include helping out during recess with students sliding, assisting with hot lunch deliveries, promoting our service projects such as “We Scare Hunger,” or just helping out with their Kindergarten buddies. They are a very busy group who lead our school with positive attitudes and actions!