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Mission & Vision


To empower all students for the choices and challenges of the twenty-first century. We are committed to providing students with opportunities to grow and succeed while developing lifelong learning skills and positive attitudes.


Robert Rundle School makes a difference for children by:
  • Preparing students for future roles as citizens in an interdependent, ever changing world.
  • Establishing partnerships that advance teaching and learning with a mutual commitment to success.
  • Promoting a spirit of sharing, belonging and acceptance.
  • Building a community of learners within a caring and challenging environment.
  • Living our beliefs through our actions.
  • Advocating for excellence and equity in education.
Picture of boy student


In school, a child's potential... that unique bundle of intelligence, talent, curiosity and desire to learn... takes them to a place at the end of each year - a final mark or even a celebration. But where each child goes after they leave school is ultimately more important. That destination is determined by a child's experience from a young age, the opportunities they are given, the learning environment of the school and the journey along the way. This is precisely why, at Robert Rundle School, we begin with the end in mind.

At Robert Rundle School we believe in a program that rests on a foundation of community, curriculum, climate and character. Along with teaching the basics in education, we try to ensure that learning thrives beyond the school and classroom walls and give the students the gift of lifelong learning. We believe that a well-rounded education builds a strong sense of self and personal commitment that enhances student achievement as well as identifies and nurtures student strengths. Beyond the classroom, activities contribute to a healthy school climate which becomes a positive influence in the life of a school.
Young boy playing with train
The interactions of school activities create a fabric of support that enables all the school community to become a community of learners. Students who are involved persist despite challenges and obstacles. They are engaged in their learning, accomplish their goals and build satisfying relationships. At Robert Rundle we encourage students to be the best they can be and make a difference in everyone's lives. We are motivated to help each student build a life that engages them in, and promotes lifelong learning in our school, community and society. When students begin this pursuit they can believe that learning is a reward, not just a goal. When this realization begins to happen, every student has the potential and opportunity to make a difference.
Young student in playground


The Student

All children want to and can learn

  • All students are unique, valued, and nurtured with shared responsibility for behaviour and learning. We are partners with parents in a child's educational journey in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Students have the opportunity to learn and develop their unique talents.
  • Students will acquire the knowledge, skills and attributes for success and growth.
  • Students are entitled to a safe and caring school environment.
  • Academic achievement and student behaviour improve in schools with good social, emotional and character building learning programs.
  • Every child has the potential to be successful and be encouraged to reach that potential.
  • Students need to be actively involved in their own learning.
  • Children in general live up to or down to your expectations.
  • Students are viewed as contributors in the learning process.
Boy student speaking at microphone

The Teacher

One of the most important people involved in a child's life

  • Caring relationships form the foundation for learning.
  • Parent, teachers & student communication should be on-going and significant with everyone sharing the responsibility for learning.
  • Staff members and students should set high goals and have high expectations to reach them.
  • Staff, students, parents and the whole school community need to understand and appreciate each other.
  • Staff need to work together with children.
  • Teaching practices need to find an appropriate balance of student input and teacher structure.
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The School

Our beliefs and visions shape children's behaviour

  • A positive school community builds from a positive school climate.
  • The school has the responsibility to be a positive, secure and stimulating learning environment.
  • The school's climate should continually enhance the self-esteem of its students.
  • Strive to integrate academic, social and emotional learning.
  • Seeks to create socially responsible learning communities.
  • Everyone at all times should foster respect and everyone should be accepting of themselves and others.
  • We uphold and model our professional code of ethics and code of conduct.
Student and teacher
Robert Rundle Elementary School