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Robert Rundle Elementary School Profile

Robert Rundle is located on a hill overlooking a large park, nestled behind Sir George Simpson Junior High School. The two schools share the same grounds and work effectively together in educational activities for our neighbourhood. Our students have access to natural forested areas, bicycle paths, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, outdoor rinks, two large well-equipped community playgrounds and Grosvenor Pool – St. Albert’s only outdoor pool. We are also within a short walking distance to Fountain Park Indoor Pool, downtown St. Albert, including the Library, Theatre and Art Studios.

While serving student educational needs from kindergarten to grade 6, including three district special needs classes, (primary and junior opportunity), we believe in a program that rests on a foundation of community, curriculum, climate and character. Along with teaching the basics in education, we try to ensure that learning thrives beyond the school walls and gives the students the gift of lifelong learning. We believe that a well rounded education builds a strong sense of self and personal commitment that enhances student achievement as well as identifies and nurtures student strengths.

With parents as partners in our school, we are a community of learners who welcome students into our school to begin their educational journey. We are proud of our accomplishments and the collaborative spirit throughout the school. The learning experiences shared in a warm and friendly environment makes our school a great place to be for staff, parents and students.

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Education Plan 2018

Robert Rundle Elementary School