Robert Rundle

The Robert Rundle Approach

Robert Rundle C.A.R.E.S.

Cooperation • Assertion • Responsibility • Empathy • Self-control

At Robert Rundle School we believe in a program that rests on a foundation of community, curriculum, climate and character. Along with teaching the basics in education, we try to ensure that learning thrives beyond the school and classroom walls and give the students the gift of lifelong learning. We believe that a well-rounded education builds a strong sense of self and personal commitment that enhances student achievement as well as identifies and nurtures student strengths.

Bucket Teams

Your child may have mentioned something to you about the Bucket Team meetings that were held recently. Bucket Teams are made up of 10-12 students and one staff member. Every student in our school was assigned to a Bucket Team.

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Responsive Classroom

This approach to teaching emphasizes social, emotional and academic growth in a strong and safe school community. We believe that best teaching practices are based upon our knowledge of how children learn developmentally, culturally and individually.

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