Success Night

The Robert Rundle School Success Night is an annual event celebrating a year of learning and growth with all of the families. This year's Success Night was held Thursday, May 28, 2015, with the theme "Play it Forward." Families were invited into classrooms to learn and play games together. Play is important in the learning and development of children.

"At play, children are empowered to learn on their own terms, in their own ways, and in their own time; this freedom is what distinguishes play from other activities. Play allows children to take the initiative, to test their physical and mental limits, and to explore positions of power and questions about good and evil. In play, children use words and symbols to transform the world around them, creating worlds where they can act 'as if' rather than 'as is.' Play is a pleasurable and highly motivating context in which children can explore possibilities and solve problems that are beyond their reach in ordinary life." (Source: Play, Participation, and Possibilities)

Play it Forward Challenge

We invite the families at Robert Rundle to take on the "Play it Forward" Challenge: Have a Family Game Night at home by playing one of the new games you learned. Take a picture of your family playing together. If you haven't yet done so, follow us on Twitter @RRSchool. Then, post your family gaming photo to Twitter and tag it with #RRFamilyGameNight. (Or send the picture to us at school.) You will be entered to win a Rundle Family Game Night prize!



Click here to download the "Play it Forward Book," complete with instructions for all the games shared at Success Night.