Robert Rundle Student Council

Our student leadership model is based on the Canadian Parliamentary System and represents the students of Robert Rundle School.

Student Council Positions 2011/2012
Isobel Morrison

Prime Minister
Ultimately responsible for all class activities; creates agenda and presides over meetings; delegates duties and acts as the representative for all students.

Hailey Wieben

Deputy Prime Ministers
Vice-President - fulfills the duties of the Prime Minister when the Prime Minister is absent; assists and performs duties assigned by the Prime Minister.

Aliya Carlin


Takes meeting minutes; maintains correspondence & attendance records; keeps activity calendar; responsible for all sign-up sheets.

Mya Baumle

Establishes budget; records all financial transactions; gives status report at meetings; authorizes expenditures; inventories fundraising items; and collects/deposits fundraising money earned.

Taylor Brown


Environmental Coordinator
In charge of coordinating and assigning environmental projects and weekly recycling programs. Works in conjunction with students, staff and community environmental workers.

Our Student Council is committed to embracing and committing to our school mission – Reaching New Heights Together – by engaging all students in a series of community and local activities to build a sense of understanding and compassion for others.  We are dedicated to serving Robert Rundle students and we seek the opportunities to bring our community together.