Robert Rundle’s Student Code of Conduct

At Robert Rundle School we believe that all students have the right to learn. All students work toward creating a climate that is positive and productive. Expectations and rules are an important aspect of a positive school climate and safe educational environment. They also promote academic success, common values and socially appropriate skills that enable students to work cooperatively with others. We want students to make proper decisions about their behaviour, now and in the future.

The students, staff and parents of Robert Rundle School form a unique community of people engaged in the important task of learning.  A safe, pleasant learning environment is essential to successful learning.

Expectations for student behaviour are outlined in government legislation.  Section 7 of the School Act defines responsibilities of students as follows:

  • Be diligent in pursuing his/her studies
  • Attend school regularly and punctually
  • Co-operate fully with everyone authorized by the board to provide education programs and other services
  • Comply with the rules of the school
  • Respect the rights of others

Show consideration, courtesy and respect to others and their property.  All students have the right to learn and play in a safe, caring and respectful environment.  These expectations are reflected in the following:

  • Keep hands and feet to yourself, walk and talk softly
  • Use appropriate language
  • Follow instructions
  • Show respect to adults, students and property
  • Act in a safe and responsible manner

Each student is an individual and the circumstances of each offence will be assessed according to the needs of each individual. Whenever possible, the student is involved in the problem solving process and identifies strategies for handling situations in a more productive, respectful manner. The following list may/could include possible responses to discipline situations:

  • Phone call or note to parents
  • Learn how to model proper behaviour
  • Referral to the administration
  • Temporary loss of playground privileges
  • Time out
  • Conference
  • Suspension
  • Development of behavioural contract
  • School clean up
  • Utilization of resource people and specialists
  • Denial of school privileges
  • Referral to another agency
  • Parent called and requested to pick up student (Principal)
  • After or before school detention or public service work around school
  • Other to be determined in consultation with parent.

This Student Code of Conduct is developed for the benefit of everyone at Robert Rundle School. Our goal is to assist students in developing self-discipline and a sense of responsibility towards others. Students must recognize that any behaviour, which interferes with the safety and learning of others, is unacceptable. Together with parents, all of our staff members and school administrators, we play a critical role, as part of a team to achieve this goal. When staff members take the time to correct student behaviour, teach appropriate behaviour and contact parents, these actions are part of our commitment to your child. We look forward to supporting and continuing the steps that parents have already taken to prepare their children for all the choices they will be making and ensuring they are ready to handle life’s challenges.

The Code of Student Conduct from St. Albert Protestant Schools will be distributed annually to all families of students attending Robert Rundle School at the beginning of the school year.

The Robert Rundle Code of Student Conduct will be in all students’ agendas and will be discussed with the homeroom teacher at the beginning of each school year.