Have you heard about Bucket Teams?

The key to raising achievement is connecting students with teachers who support them not just as learners, but also as people.

Your child may have mentioned something to you about the Bucket Team meetings that were held recently.  Bucket Teams are made up of 10-12 students and one staff member.  Every student in our school was assigned to a Bucket Team.  The students on each team are from all grade levels and the groups are small so everyone can be encouraged to participate in the activities of the team. Bucket Teams met for 30 minutes on Thursday, January 20 to get to know each other, name their team and generate ideas for future meetings.  You will hear more about the Bucket Teams as they meet a couple more times in the coming months.

The goals of Robert Rundle's Bucket Teams promote many positive behaviours, skills and attitudes and include the following:
  • Empower children to be leaders
  • Create a strong sense of community
  • Encourage students to support each other
  • Promote positive communication
  • Enhance self-esteem
  • Mentor students
  • Develop learning and thinking skills
  • Promote academic achievement
  • Develop a commitment to learning
  • Recognize talents
  • Reach out and help others
  • Build new friendships
  • Create a positive school climate
  • Help students feel valued and supported

When students have secure relationships with teachers (and other adults), they are more comfortable taking risks that enhance learning - tackling challenging tasks, persisting when they run into difficulty, or asking questions when they are confused.

Successful learning communities thrive on relationships. The stronger the relationships, the stronger the learning community. The initial Bucket Team meetings were a great success. We hope to nurture positive relationships among students in these multi-age groups and encourage leadership as students interact with each other. We want to develop strong connections between students and the staff at Robert Rundle Elementary.  Bucket Teams will help us all be successful.